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Is Modafinil A Stimulant – Some Food For Thought

Though the main purpose for which Modafinil is used is quite different, there are many who believe that it is more widely used as a stimulant. Hence it is quite common for people to ask the question Modafinil is a stimulant? Let us therefore over the next few years try and find answers for the same. The main objective of this drug is to help people to overcome uncontrollable episodes of sleepiness or something which is referred to as narcolepsy. These disorders could be very damaging to the overall lifestyle and health of the persons concerned.

It is therefore very important to ensure that they are treated for this disorder so that they can get back to their normal working habits. It is well and truly a wakefulness-promoting drug which has been used quite effectively for the past many decades by thousands of patients. It is however very important that the drug be used only on doctor’s advice and should not be taken otherwise. Only then it becomes a stimulant and it could have many negative effects which at times could be serious and life threatening.

Situations Where The Drug Should Not Be Used

As is the case with other drugs there is no doubt that it should be used only on specific instructions and prescriptions from doctors. Further it should only be used for a specific period of time and should not be dragged on. There are also some contraindications where and situations where the product should not be used. They include patients who are allergic to this kind of drug or this group of drugs. People who suffer from rashes and allergies after taking Modafinil should immediately stop it and take doctors opinion before continuing it further. Those suffering from heart and cardiac problem including valve diseases should be very careful when using this product.

Some Situations Where The Drug Should Not Be Used

If a woman is pregnant or lactating it would be better to stay away from this product. If somebody is taking a dietary supplement, herbal supplement or other such products, he or she should take doctor’s advice before using either Modafinil or the supplements as mentioned above. This is because quite a few such supplements could have some impact when taken together with Modafinil. Those suffering from liver, kidney and other such problems are also supposed to be very careful when using this product. People suffering from mental disorders and various forms and types of depressions should also exercise care and caution when using this product. There could be many who could be on a monoamine inhibitor drug. These groups of people are also supposed to be very careful and should preferably avoid taking Modafinil till such time there on this drug.

So at the end of the day there is no doubt that while Modafinil is very effective in curbing excessive sleep, it should be used only for that purpose and not as something that helps in increasing moods or something that acts as a stimulant.

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