Three Exercise to Help Pack on Muscle


If you are serious about gaining muscle and want to increase your gains for the most part its common sense that you need to eat plenty of good food which will help you pack on extra muscle, get plenty of rest but more importantly you need to make sure you are performing three core exercises to stimulate your core body parts.

If you are not willing to work for it then stick to your current routine but if you are wanting to pack on some serious muscle I can guarantee of you eat properly and train hard you can gain a few pounds of muscle in just a few weeks.

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Three Exercise to Help Pack on Muscle


Forget focusing on your arms and abs, what you are going to want to do to increase muscle mass is stimulate the tree biggest muscle groups and that is your back, legs, and chest, in fact performing these exercises will have secondary effects on most of the muscles in your body for now we just want to pack on muscle and increase strength.


The back is one of not only difficult to train it is also one of the hardest body parts because it’s hard to see your gains, when you pumping up your chest it is more visible, but you back is not, especially when performing heavy rows and deadlifts, the back gives you width and size and will add to the V-Taper even if you have a wide waist increasing the size of your back and you lat muscles can improve the overall look of your physique, the core exercises that will give you a thick back are the following:

Tbar rows
Dumbell rows
Barbell rows
Weighted pull ups

I try to keep my reps low between 6-8 reps and around 5 or 6 sets don’t just focus on the motion try to focus on the squeeze as Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 1.20.09 PMmuch as you can making that muscle- mind connection.


This is probably one of the most hated exercises, yet one that offers the most benefits. the last thing you want is a huge upper body with skinny legs, squats are essential for packing on muscle, performing a proper squat works just about every muscle in the body and if you go heavy with moderate reps not only become stronger you also stimulate your bodies natural hormone production, more testosterone means faster recovery and more gains. Some of my favorite leg exercise that offer the most benefits include:

Barbell squats
Front squats
Barbell Lunges
Front leg extensions
Stiff legged deadlifts


A great chest gives your upper body the look of fullness, there is nothing better than a well-defined chest, chest is one of my favorite workouts because of the many variations you can implement with decline, incline, flat and you can mix things up for from week to week or month to month, ensuring you never get tired for the same old routine. A normal chest day for me includes the following exercises:

Flat bench barbell bench press
Dumbell decline bench press
Dumbell incline bench press
Dumbell flyes

Cable Crossover

The above is just a guide to get you started, I always try to warm up with some light sets and then go as heavy as I can keeping my reps between 8-12 and vary my sets between 4-6, you should go by feel, some days you will have more energy than others, the main thing is to stay consistent and keep on upping the weight which will help you increase muscle mass over time.

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